td-at-city-hall-croppedI’m a San Francisco native, residing in District 3 for over 30 years. I am NOT the same  Tim Donnelly who ran for Governor. For the past 25 years I’ve been a Residential Property Manager, providing safe and pleasant homes in our district.

This task becomes exceedingly difficult with the increases in crime, vagrancy and traffic.

I have never run for office, but can no longer remain idle while our quality of life degrades.

I strongly believe we need to:

  • enhance police presence and response to curb escalating crime. The break-ins are out of control and there are too many unstable individuals wandering our neighborhoods.
  • restore off-street parking for residents, businesses and visitors and to allow flexibility with curb-side spaces. Vanishing parking spaces are increasing traffic, pollution and frustration, making our streets less safe.
  •  give a hand up to those who are struggling, without enabling substance abuse or condoning bad behavior. Putting a “Navigation Center” in our district is a risky idea, and should have full community input, if it to be considered.
  •  respect building height limits. Our district already has the highest density in San Francisco.
  • update and expand rent control. Our neighbors and vital businesses should not be forced out by exorbitant rent increases.
  •  give residents a voice in changes made to their neighborhood. The City has been making drastic changes to the landscape and character of neighborhoods despite overwhelming opposition from those who are most affected.
  •  maintain our parks and roads without selling bonds to do so. We need more efficiency from City Hall.
  • improve our schools and offer neighborhood enrollment options.
  • elect a supervisor who is focused on the”quality of life”of our district above all else.
  • And while were at it, let’s get 16 full ounces when we order a pint!

I appreciate your interest and invite you to scroll down to the solutions I have proposed for these issues and more.

Although I am of modest means, I don’t want anyone’s hard earned money, and I certainly don’t want donations from deep pockets looking for favors. Instead I’m hoping you will spread the word to your friends and neighbors.

This site is a work in progress and will be updated and enhanced so check back again. Of course your comments are welcome.

Feel free to check out my video on Youtube (courtesy of League of Women Voters).

Thank you for your interest.