I recently visited a local sports bar to watch the game and have a bite. They had a pint special, so I ordered that to enjoy with my meal. The game was riveting and I wanted to stick around to see how it turned out, so I ordered another beer, which only came in bottles. Preferring to drink out of a glass, I poured the contents of the bottle into my empty glass. To my surprise, it filled that glass just shy of the top. I took a close look at the bottle and sure enough it contained 12 oz. What’s up with that?

Turns out there has been a trend of bars and restaurants switching to 14 oz glasses. That would be fine if they didn’t sell you a “pint” of beer. They can call it a “jumbo” if they want, but a pint is 16oz. Several countries require beer to be served in glasses that have a marked line establishing a full pint. Whole Foods recently got into big trouble selling cheese that didn’t weigh what the package said it weighed. Why should it be any different when we buy a beer.

While I don’t think this is the greatest challenge facing our City, no one likes getting shorted. As Supervisor, I would have the Dept. of Weights and Measures see to it that we didn’t. They would likely be happy to do so.


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