A couple months ago, a tenant told me a disturbing piece of news. Someone had got hold of the mail key that gives our carrier access to our lobby and the mailboxes. Evidently they had been using it to steal mail throughout the district. I was appalled that the Postal Service had not informed everyone concerned, and immediately changed the compromised locks. I spent hours on the phone trying to get action from the Post Office, but got nowhere. I asked the tenant to call our district supervisor to get his help resolving this problem. She was told by Aaron Peskin’s office to keep  calling the Post Office. I had to bypass the Postal access as a temporary measure to ensure our safety. I’m still waiting for a lasting solution.

When I asked our supervisor last week about the situation, he said his staff was working on it. I hope that inquiry and/or this posting prompts him to prioritize the problem.

The idea that a key is floating around which gives access to the mail of everyone in our area and entry to many, if not most of their buildings, is very troubling. The fact that our supervisor does not make it a priority is unacceptable. Here was a great opportunity for him to be a hero by making the right phone calls and getting the action necessary to insure everybody’s safety. As of this writing, the situation has not changed.

We need a supervisor who is focused on the issues concerning our district’s issues first.  I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I hadn’t done all I can to tackle problems like the stolen key. I hope that this serious situation gets resolves immediately.

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