I am no stranger to hard work, or struggling to make ends meet. I worked two jobs to pay for high school and have worked ever since. For nearly 30 years I have been a residential property manager, using my brain and brawn to give people a nice place to live. I believe in playing by the rules and living within my means. I wish our City would do the same. I had the good fortune to grow up in San Francisco, not that I had a say in the matter. The City offered a wide variety of fun things to do and the diversity exposed me to different cultures and classes. Being a native doesn’t make me special, but it does make San Francisco special to me, just as anyone feels about their hometown. Perhaps I am offended more than most when I see someone disrespecting our lovely City, or doing things that will harm our future. It is my nature to want to grab the helm if we’re headed for the rocks, and I believe our leaders at City Hall are running us toward the rocks. That’s why I’m running for Supervisor in District 3.